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Healing Spirals PLLC is a private mental health therapy practice based in Arlington, WA. Therapy services are provided by Caera Gramore, LSWAIC. Appointments are available for adults and adolescents, as individuals, couples, polycules, and all forms of families. Appointments are currently available via telehealth only, serving clients anywhere in the state of Washington from the comfort of your own internet connection.

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Healing ourselves allows healing for those around us, and allows us to reshape our lives and our futures.

Caera Gramore, LSWAIC
Image description: Photo of Caera Gramore, a woman with light skin, blue eyes, and dark , wavy, long hair smiling with plants in the background. Photo by Malixe Photo.
Image description: Photo of Caera Gramore, a woman with light skin, blue eyes, and dark , wavy, long hair smiling with plants in the background. Photo by Malixe Photo.

Caera Gramore, CPC, MSW, LSWAIC

I offer mental health therapy through a compassion-based whole-person-in-environment approach. I have experience in supporting clients through various life events including rebuilding one’s supports after a loss of previous supports, various stages of recovery from addiction, discovering and building on personal and cultural strengths, navigating challenging systems, and accessing additional resources. My passion is to support clients to live a fulfilling life for themselves, knowing that this will look different from one individual to another.

Supports that I can offer:

Psychoeducation and Skills Building

Do you believe knowledge is power? Would understanding more about neurobiology, attachment, common patterns in behavioral health, or other aspects of knowledge in the mental health field help you in sorting through your experience? Would you like to build more skills in emotional awareness, self regulation, relational skills, and more? I am happy to provide psychoeducation and support in relevant skills building to any of my clients who are interested.

Relationship Counseling

I am happy to work with couples, polycules, and many forms of families to improve and/or enhance communication, understanding, and connection between various members. I can also assist in conflict resolution. 

Assessment for Gender Affirming Healthcare

I am committed to supporting members of the transgender community, including nonbinary and other gender identities, in pursuit of affirming and appropriate healthcare. I am able to provide an assessment and letter for gender affirming healthcare.

Support for Trauma Recovery

People may experience many forms of trauma, from adverse childhood experiences to surviving traumatic events as an adult, and from individual trauma to generational and systemic trauma. I am here for all of it. I have taken several trainings in supporting trauma recovery and I am currently still training in several trauma support modalities, including Internal Family Systems (IFS) and Somatic Experiencing (SE), as well as other modalities developed to support recovery from both individual and systemic traumas. I can offer compassionate support for various parts of your healing journey, including clarifying feelings and needs, enhancing regulation skills, grieving your losses, and celebrating your strengths.

Trauma decontextualized in a person can look like personality traits. Trauma decontextualized in a family can look like family traits. Trauma decontextualized in a people can look like culture.

Resmaa Menakem

To schedule an appointment with Caera, please call 360-610-7785 or email caera@ourhealingspirals.com

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